3-D Printing: Bringing Product Customization Home

The 3-D printer is a fascinating and rapidly growing technology that is becoming increasingly accessible. A full report of the current technological landscape was written and can be viewed in .pdf format here. The research I conducted for this report was incredibly interesting. Desktop 3-D printing units are becoming more affordable, and it is predicted […]

Blush Cosmetics Logo

TO:  ANDREA RICHARDS, MARKETING COORDINATOR at BLUSH COSMETICS FROM: ELISABETH PURDY, HEAD DESIGNER at PURDY DESIGNS DATE: MAY 12, 2015 SUBJECT: NEW LOGO FOR ONLINE LAUNCH As Blush Cosmetics, Inc. expands to online sales, the company has requested an updated logo to reflect its changing brand identity. We have taken into account the advice of several experts in […]

Minimalism: Chemistry and Comedy

This project has resulted in two minimalist designs: a computer wallpaper and a poster for the television show Broad City. These designs use minimalist principles in order to be visually appealing, including specific details without overpowering the viewer and considering practicality. Both of the designs include a limited color palette, carefully selected typography, and draw the viewer’s […]

Domain Hosting: A Twelve Year Old Elisabeth’s Dream

In middle school, I always wanted to have my own website. The hope of having a customizable site was what drove me to create a MySpace account against my parents’ wishes all those years ago, and today, that dream has finally come to fruition. After searching through different hosting services and listening to my classmates’ advice, […]

Next-Level Intrusive JavaScript: Geolocation

If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you may have figured out that most of them are related to the web design class I’m currently taking at Trinity University. We’ve been creating our own mini websites, each incorporating a more advanced programming language. When we were instructed to use intrusive JavaScript to […]

Streamlining JavaScript with jQuery

For many people, learning to code seems to be the biggest obstacle in learning to design web pages. Luckily for me, I’ve found coding quite enjoyable, so when the opportunity arose to learn another programming language, I decided to take it. I used Code Academy’s free modules to learn jQuery, and this language went the […]